Claudia Z. Acemyan, Ph.D.
Claudia Z. Acemyan, Ph.D.
Human Factors and HCI Researcher
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Consultant, Researcher, System/Product Designer

Dr. Claudia Ziegler Acemyan is a human factors/human-computer interaction (HCI) researcher and practitioner. Much of her work focuses on user-centered design. Research has shown that most incidents and errors are caused by the design of products, the environments in which they are used, and/or the way that they are used. For this reason, it is essential for human cognitive and physical capabilities and limitations to be taken into account whether developing a product or analyzing an incident.

Dr. Acemyan is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Psychological Sciences Department at Rice University, and she has her own consulting business, Post Hoc, LLC. She also serves as the Habitability Discipline Scientist and Subject Matter Expert for NASA’s Human Factors and Behavioral Performance Element; this work is through KBRwyle at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

Dr. Acemyan completed her Ph.D. in psychology at Rice University where she studied human factors and human-computer interaction. Her education also includes a M.A. in architecture from U.C.L.A., a M. Arch. from Rice University, and B.A. in psychology from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Here is a .pdf of Dr. Acemyan’s curriculum vitae.